Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media Classes in San Diego

Our Painting & Drawing classes in San Diego, California are designed to help you open up and move past any creative blocks. You will learn new, fun and informative techniques in Encaustic painting, drawing and Mixed Media Painting and build confidence while expanding your personal creativity. 


Private Lessons:

Beginning - Intermediate Painting

Your Choice of Oil, Acrylic Painting or Mixed Media.

PRIVATE LESSONS PACKAGE of 4 Sessions These 2.5 hour sessions will teach the discipline of Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor painting including material handling, Color Mixing, modeling areas, composition framing, brushwork techniques, Color Theory and more.

4 Private sessions- 2.5 hours each. Schedule at your convenience.


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Collage 2.5 Hour Workshops

Sundays 5-7:30PM

All Supplies included. Leave with a complete collage on panel.



Mixed Media Painting and Collage 6 weeks

Learn to work with different mediums including water based paints, ink, oil pastel and different paper. Lectures and hands on Demos will focus on learning new techniques and enhancing your personal expression. We will work in both representational and abstract styles. This class will inspire you and your future art making forever! All levels welcome. Class meets 6 times. 18 y.o. & up.

Daytime and Evening classes. Class meets 6 times. 18 y.o. & up.

Oct 1- Nov 5, 2018 (Mondays) 6:00–9PM

Oct 3- Nov 7, 2018 (Wednesdays) 1:00-4PM

Oct 19-Nov 30, 2018/ No Class on Nov. 23/ (Fridays) 10:00-1PM


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Dynamic Encaustic painting:

Dynamic Encaustic Painting : Join us every month for YOUR CHOICE of a 2-Day weekend Workshop or a 3-hour mini learning all about encaustic painting. Encaustic painting is an ancient luminous, beeswax based medium. In this workshop you will learn how to mix your own colors, paint with encaustic and how to combine it with other mediums and techniques including oil, watercolor, photo transfers and more. Step-by-step demos will inspire your creative side. Come learn in a warm, creative environment. All Levels Welcome. 18 y.o. & up. Workshop sizes are limited to 6 people so reserve your spot in advance.


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Image: Fayum Portrait, 30-150 AD
Encaustic on limewood



Drawing for Beginners

This class will teach easy to follow drawing techniques. Learn to really slow down and LOOK at your subject. In each of the class sessions you will learn a new drawing skill with a focus on line quality, form, negative space, and perspective. Come and learn how to use various drawing tools including pencils, ink, and charcoal. This Class meets 4 times. 16 y.o. & up.

Daytime and Evening classes. Class meets 4 times. 16 y.o. & up.

Sept 20- Oct 11, 2018 (Thursdays) 9:30-12PM

Sept 23- Oct 14, 2018 (Sundays) 9:30-12PM

Oct 16- Nov 6, 2018 (Thursdays) 9:30-12PM


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Amazing Acrylics

This class will teach you how to create your own unique works of art using different acrylic painting techniques. Learn new ways to block in a composition and create both flat and textured surfaces for visual appeal. Come paint with confidence while learning art and color theory, fun brush and layering techniques and how to incorporate photo transfers into an acrylic painting. All levels welcome.

Daytime and Evening classes. Class meets 6 times. 18 y.o. & up.

Sept 18–Oct 23, 2018 (Tuesdays) 6:00–9PM

Sept 20-Oct 25, 2018 (Thursdays) 1:00–4PM


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Teaching Artist:

Leslie Pierce is a working Artist who has been teaching innovative art classes for over a decade. While living in Austin, Texas, she developed and taught specialized art classes including Encaustic Painting, Contemporary Figure Drawing and Painting, Amazing Acrylic, Dynamic Mixed Media and more for The Austin Museum of Art’s, Art School at Laguna Gloria.

Ms. Pierce is extremely honored to have her art in the permanent collection of The Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin. In addition, she has been awarded several Special Projects grants to expand her work.

In addition, Leslie is now selling her art internationally.


Ampersand Art Supply: Great panels and amazing people who work there.

Enkaustikos: beautiful encaustic paint supplies and nice people there.

Artists and Craftsman San Diego: local art supply shop



"I took an intro to Encaustic Painting class with Leslie Pierce in Austin. Leslie is a great art teacher as well as amazing artist in her own right. She has the ability to teach students whose experience may be minimal to the advanced artist, wanting to incorporate additional skills and techniques into their practice. In her class, she demonstrated techniques and then worked one-on-one with students to ensure their understanding of her teaching. She also discussed the history of encaustic painting and the use of by contemporary artists today. Leslie’s class was fun and informative and was a nurturing environment to explore and learn new creative skills. I highly recommend taking one of Leslie’s classes/workshops!" -Nj Weaver, Artist, Austin, Texas

"I took Leslie's private painting lessons at a time when I was stuck and in a rut with my painting capabilities. Leslie was just what I needed to move forward! She is a very talented artist and knows how to motivate her students to discover their own talent." -Maria Gatling, Author, Teacher/ Austin, Texas

"Leslie Pierce is a fabulous and very talented teacher. Her encaustic class is amazing. I loved every minute and truly enjoyed it. Her studio is wonderful and I learned so many new techniques.  It was such a unique and special experience. Thanks Leslie!" 
-Marlene Cohen/ Las Vegas, Nevada

"If you are looking to take really great art classes from an excellent professional artist, you need to go to Artist Leslie Pierce's, And Something Different Studio Gallery. I took an encaustic workshop and a drawing class with Leslie and they both were awesome. I learned so much and had such a great time. She also sells original paintings and photography there that are just amazing!"
 -Melanie Bazzell/ San Diego, California